Monday, December 5, 2011

A league of their own...

First week of December and I am already posting stuff WooHoo! is currently hosting a 3d modeling challenge with a topic that is pretty near and dear to my heart: MUTANT LEAGUE!!! I loved these games as a kid and even though they weren't the most popular games they were definitely some of the most memorable. The closest thing we have now is that game Blood Bowl but I haven't played it. Might have to now! I want to post all of my progress here like I did with my LBP2 SackBoy (cuz it's fun and it makes it look like I blog way more than I do haha!), so here is my first post, I will be using this to make ortho's and color tests and stuff. I have been getting some good solid feedback on the forums so you might see some changes overtime:


  1. Mutant League anything,are probably the best series of sports games ever made